More about the Material


 No, the hats are not made of a heat molded plastic or leather. And Yes! They Stay Cool.

Why? Because these are radically different visors made of sun and heat blocking EVA foam similar to that found in yoga mats, helmets and kneepads. The EVA we use is so resistant to heat absorption that it is even used to insulate hot tubs.

We then apply multiple, super-thin layers of insulating rubber to the hats which is durable, flexible, non-toxic, UV resistant, and waterproof/washable. 

Finishing touches include a inner comfort band, tie band on full brim styles, and a decorative band... to create the most beautiful, durable and comfortable visor possible. 

The insulating nature of the EVA and rubber work together to keep you cool as a cucumber while you play golf, go for a walk or even do water sports.  Our hats are so comfortable we offer a full money back guarantee so there's no risk to you.