About Us

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The unusual journey from convenience store owner to hat manufacturer... 

In 2016, company founder, Sabina Sood, was 40 years old and feeling stuck in an unhappy marriage and career as a 7-Eleven owner. With the help of her spiritual studies, she decided to make a change. All she knew was that she wanted to find work that was more creative, offered more growth and more freedom. One month later, Sabina was planning a girl's trip to a local resort and wanted a stylish hat that would be usable in the pool. Finding no hats like this, she recognized the opportunity and decided to try making the hats herself, despite never having made anything in her life. 

Now, 6 years later, Sabina is single, 7-Eleven free and working full-time on her hat business. She hopes to show that we really can have the life we want no matter how late the start. 

The name "Shaya" comes from a combination of Sabina's kids' names, Shane and Maya. 


"My kids are my greatest inspiration. I want to be a good role model for them and hope they are proud of me."