Additional Features

In 2016 we set out to create a stylish waterproof hat for the pool or beach. After stumbling upon the unique material combination of EVA and Rubber, we ended up creating a totally new and unique type of hat with so many benefits including:

Ultra-Lightweight: At 1.2 ounces this is almost always the first thing people notice about the hats

Insulating: Both the EVA and the rubber have insulating properties that prevent the visors from getting hot

Flexible and soft, cushiony, spongy material: people have told us it feels like a "cloud" or most often, as though they are wearing nothing on their head.

Looks like leather: Chic and so versatile

Won't fade in the sun: Both the EVA and Rubber are UV Resistant to fading and deterioration

Waterproof, washable: The hats float and are easily cleaned with mild soap and water

Adjustable fit: The flexible nature of the material allows it to mold to all sized heads.

Wide 3.5 inch brim: Much larger than the vast majority of visors

Keeps its Shape, won't droop or block view: The hat keeps its shape indefinitely.

Durable, will last for years: The rubber is extremely durable.

Elegantly Decorated The bands around the hat are made of thin but durable decorative fibers like hemp and bamboo. We attached the band to the hat with a durable and waterproof sealing material.