Will the hat get hot? 

No. This material does not absorb and transmit heat the way plastic and leather do. Both the EVA foam AND rubber are insulating materials which means that the hat may get warm on top but stays cool underneath where it makes contact with the head. Even the black hats stay comfortable!

Is it packable? Can I roll it up? 

While the hat can NOT be rolled up, the material is very soft and flexible. We recommend packing around the hat and the smaller brimmed hats are more easily packed. If the hat does get bent or crushed during travel, it will crease initially but the creasing will mostly fade as to be invisible and the hat will retain its shape and be totally usable. (Carry on luggage shown with an Audrey Visor)

How do you clean it?

Cleaning is a breeze with mild soap and water... wipe dry to avoid water spots. Alternatively, you can use Windex with Vinegar or alcohol wipes to spot clean. We recommend removing chlorine and sunscreen stains as soon as possible.

How long will the sweatband last? Can I get it wet?

One premium "NoSweatCo" band is inserted in every hat to absorb perspiration. These last for months and months of daily use and can be reordered on Amazon or on the company's website. If the band gets wet in the pool, it will simply dry and be usable again. Use Goo Gone to remove any adhesive that sticks to the hat when changing the band. 

I have a small head. Will it fit me?

All hats have an elasticated ribbon closure that allows the hat to stretch to fit. For small heads simply overlap the holes in the back and tie the rope through them. This is for heads measuring 21 inches.

Can I use the hat in the water?

YES! These hats are 100% waterproof and will float. They can also be used in the rain. Tropical destinations where the weather alternates between rain and sun frequently throughout the day is ideal for these hats because they are not affected by water at all.


Why don't the hats have a top?

Our customers love the open top for the following reasons: more adjustable fit, more airflow, doesn't flatten their hair (i.e. no "hat hair"), and they can put their hair up in a pony tail. We do offer an style with a top only through DMs at this time.

How should I store the hat?

We recommend hanging the hat to protect the shape and prevent crushing. 

Will it give me a headache?

No, this may be the lightest hat on the market at only 1.2 ounces and that combined with the cushiony, adjustable fit means headache-free comfort for hours and hours. 

Will the color fade?

Both the EVA and the rubber are UV resistant to fading and deterioration.

Which visor height is more popular?

For more of a "hat look" that hides the top of your hair, we suggest the Tall 3 inch height. Otherwise, the lower 2.5 inch visor is very popular. 

Is the Decorative Band painted? 

The bands are made of thin but durable decorative fibers like hemp and bamboo. We attached the fibers to the hat with a sealing material and then use acrylic paint to create an elegant border.